Caribou Blend Kcup Review

Are you a frequent visitor of Caribou coffee shops? I definitely am… wait… used to be. Now I am brewing my favorite Caribou roasts in my own kitchen with my Keurig brewer.  Yes,  that’s right,  Caribou Coffee is available in Kcups!

As Caribou fans know, Caribou is a well-respected roaster that runs 400+ gourmet coffee houses in the Midwest, Rockies, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. They consistently win awards for their coffee including recognition from national consumer publications, the Rainforest Alliance Corporate Green Globe Award and the 2008 SCAA Roasters Choice Tasting Competition.

”Caribou is pleased to make available our coffeehouse quality coffees in Keurig’s K-Cups,” said Michael J. Coles, Chairman and CEO of Caribou. “We’ve partnered with Keurig because their technology ensures our coffees will deliver a gourmet coffee experience at home or in the office that Caribou customers love in our coffeehouses.”

Today,  I would like to feature their signature roast Caribou Blend Keurig Kcups.

This is one of those every day, easy to drink coffee.  A perfect first cup of the day. Balanced and smooth.

Achieving balance in life is a challenge. Caribou Coffee’s signature blend meets that challenge, balancing a big-bodied, syrupy taste with a clean, snappy finish. The secret of this blend’s relaxed complexity is a rich hearty Indonesian bean, perfectly proportioned with Central American and South American varieties for lively fruit tones. The result is a coffee with universal appeal, delightful any time of the day or night. Caribou Blend is a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee.

Lets see what Coffee Cup News has to say about this roast:

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There are several other Caribou Coffees available in Kcups including Colombia, Daybreak Morning Blend, Mahogany and Caribou Decaf. I am so pleased that Caribou has joined the Keurig Kcup revolution!

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