Friday Kcup Flavor Review

Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold Kcup







One of our most popular dark roast (ok, THE most popular dark roast)  is Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold Kcups.  There seems to be a slight fear of dark roasts.  If you are one of those people who steers away from the darker Kcups,  this is a good one to start with to expand your coffee drinking horizons.  Yes,  it is dark.  Yes,  it is strong.  But,  it somehow manages to be very smooth and satisfying at the same time.  Dont take it from us though,  we are of course some what biased. The following is a review done by one of our trusted coffee experts at Coffee Vanilla.

Green Mountain’s Dark Magic K Cup is a substance offering a complexity that is dark, sultry and sensual. As intense as a compelling stranger’s gaze, and as magical as a moonlit walk along the waterside. Dark Magic is a brew that captures the same essence of a good espresso. Certainly a bolder brew with just a touch of smokiness.

I give Dark Magic a 4 out of 5 star rating. It’s subtle sweetness and espresso like qualities have me begging for more. Green Mountain has found themselves a new Dark Magic fan.

This Kcup is perfect over ice and good news-  it is available in decaf!


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