Wacky Wednesday K-cup Coffee Sale

Wacky Wednesday K-cup Coffee Sale!







Yes today is Wednesday but,  at Cross Country Cafe its WACKY WEDNESDAY!  Time to announce our K-cup sale for this week.  Each week we post a flavor or roast of K-cup coffee that will be on sale for one week for $9.99 per  box of 24!!!  Order plenty and order quickly, we do sell out!

And the winner is…. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend!

Breakfast Blend is a staple in your Keurig K-cup line up.  A no brainer, go to coffee.  Easy to drink,  always a perfect cup!  It has a rich taste and medium acidity. We think you’ll find Breakfast Blend to be balanced and smooth.

Let’s see what the experts have to say:

“This coffee was almost perfectly balanced. Instead of crisp, sharp, citrus taste, it gave me beautiful silky, woody and soft coffee drink with just a hint of floral aroma. Even better, coffee kept all these characteristics in the aftertaste. There were no unpleasant surprises here. In order to write a complete review I decided to add little milk into the cup, just to see how will affect it. It turned out to be a good move, since it resulted in creamy even better tasting cup of coffee. If you always add milk to your coffee, this blend would surely be a smart choice.Based on all this, I would like to give some recommendations:
If you like really strong, bitter, full bodied coffee this one will probably not be a perfect choice for you. It would also be a bad choice when making iced coffees.
On the other hand, if you like coffees which are not too strong, but still are tasteful, you should certainly go for this one. In fact, I rarely had the chance to drink morning blend with so many good characteristics. Woody, silky, mellow, this coffee earned the best grades from me.”
Review done by coffeestylish.com.

It’s Wacky Wednesday, time to stock up and save big!


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