Keurig K-cup Cafe Au Lait

If you have been around awhile you have come to know (and hopefully love) our Monday K-cup coffee recipes.  I love fun, easy to make coffee drinks. They are a simple indulgence that can usually be made with ingredients already in your kitchen.  There will be no running to the local coffee shop around here, no sir,  we have Keurig’s in our kitchen that make these recipes easy peasy.

I have said it before,  I have a pet peave with the intimidation tactics used by coffee shops.  Now do not get me wrong,  I LOVE the rare treat of sitting down and enjoying a coffee served to me in a quaint setting with a beautiful dessert to boot.  But,  I do not love the complicated “coffee shop lingo” and drink names when I know darn well,  I can make those same exact drinks at home. Not only can I make them easily at home but,  I can make them with my Keurig brewer.

The past few weeks I have been sharing some really fun recipes that I hope you have enjoyed trying (I know I have,  especially the coffee sorbet…yummy!).  I am thinking today that it is time to go back to the basics.  If you know how to make a few staple coffee drinks you can use them in hundreds of recipes.  We will start today with perhaps the most simple… Cafe Au Lait.

The wikipedia description of Cafe Au Lait is:

In many American coffeehouses, a “café au lait” is a drink of strong  French Roast coffee, to which steamed milk is added; this contrasts with a “caffè latte”, which uses espresso as a base. American café au lait is generally served in a cup, as with brewed coffee, being served in a bowl only at shops which wish to emphasize French tradition.

The term misto (literally, “mixed”) is also used to refer to a café au lait, most notably by Starbucks.

You will need a French Roast K-cup coffee for this recipe.  I would recommend Tullys French Roast because it is an Extra Bold Kcup,  it will easily stand up to all of the milk added in this recipe without tasting watered down.

Now that we know what it is,  lets get to the recipe…

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes



Mix and serve hot.

Makes 1 serving.

See,  I told you it is easy : )

7 thoughts on “Keurig K-cup Cafe Au Lait

  1. Thank you for giving more and more ideas on how to utilize my Keurig brewer! It seems so simple, I will make my wife a cup tonight.

  2. Keurig Kcup Cafe Latte « Cross Country Cafe

  3. Good idea, I just wish you sold milk pods like the Starbucks Verismo does. I don’t keep milk at work, but would love to drink a latte here. Why do you sell ever flavor, but no milk pods, or better yet creamer pods? Interested to see what will happen in the future…:)

    • Great point Susan! The Kcup brewer is simply not designed to steam a milk product, definitely the only imperfection when it comes to the Keurig brewer. I have a strong feeling that Keurig will change that soon with newer models of brewers. Their Vue system does brew milk but, the selection of coffee is so limited, I wouldn’t recommend it. I am hoping that my predictions are correct and we see a milk Kcup in the next year… let’s cross our fingers!

  4. For as much as the Kcup keurig sells for you would think you could get a simple latte out of It. I just got one for my birthday and I was looking forward to a latte but I’d have to warm the milk myself, not good. This makes me so mad that my family spent so much money on this machine and I still have to go to the coffee shop to get a simple s/f vanilla latte. I’m tempted to return it but I don’t want to hurt their feelings for buying me this very expensive machine so I could save money and make my lattes from home. But unfortunately I can’t because my new Keurig won’t make lattes.

    Very mad consumer ,


    • Julie, you are right, your family chose the wrong brewer for you. Although I do understand (there is nothing better than a good Latte!) your frustration, I dont think that is particularly Keurig’s fault. Keurig has never said that the brewer you received is for brewing Lattes, it is designed for a good old fashioned cup of coffee. The unit you probably would have preferred is called the Rivo. This is the Keurig unit that IS designed to make Lattes and Cappuccinos. Perhaps your family wouldn’t mind if you made an exchange? Here is a link to the Rivo:

      Although, it is not particularly difficult to make a Latte with a regular Keurig brewer. Take a look at this video:

      Or there are milk frothers available that will steam your milk with the touch of a button on Amazon. This would be no different than having a machine that does it for you other than you would have 2 units rather than 1.

      I hope those options help!

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