Donut House Cinnamon Roll Kcup Review

Every Friday at Cross Country Cafe we host a flavor review.  Most of these reviews are done by a coffee expert sometimes they will be done by yours truly (I am not quite an expert… yet!). I love posting these reviews for you because lets face it the selection of K-cups we  have to choose from is huge,  how do you pick the right one?  Who wants to buy an entire box and not like it?! Our goal is to describe how the coffee tastes so that you can determine if it suits your preferences.

Lets get to todays review; Donut House Collection, Cinnamon Roll (reviewed by muwah!)

I have been on a mission to find my new everyday first cup of coffee since the love of my life- Golden French Toast Kcups are out of season and wont be back until January 2013 : (  .

In my search the first one that came to mind was Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll Kcups.  However, I was hesitant because I prefer a medium to dark roast and I do not like a strong flavor in my coffee.   But,  I decided I would give it a chance,  here we go…

I loaded my Cinnamon Roll Kcup into my brand new B145 Keurig brewer, isn’t she pretty?! I really like this brewer because it has a 10 ounce water setting.  At this point I was just hoping that this Kcup can stand up to all that water and still provide me with a full-bodied cup of coffee. I like a lot of coffee taste in my coffee!

And,  I was VERY pleased with the results:

Notice that you can not see through the coffee,  that is what I love!  Keep in mind that is my preference,  you may like a thinner cup and that is fine too! The smell was a slight cinnamon.  Not overboard.  I added my cream and was still thrilled to see a dark cocoa color.

And now… time for the slurp (as our favorite coffee expert Jason Coffee likes to say!). Do you know that feeling of the first sip of the day?  Honestly,  one of my favorite moments.  But,  can be ruined in a second if you don’t love the coffee.  Well, this coffee did not disappoint AT ALL. I let out a satisfied ahhhh and continued to sip and enjoy the rest of the cup! It was thick, rich and soooo gratifying.  The cinnamon is slight, I am a fan of cinnamon anything because as many cooks know,  cinnamon enhances flavors rather than competing with them,  it is especially effective in coffee and chocolate.  

I can not believe this coffee is a light roast,  in my book it is a perfect medium. I would recommend this roast to light and dark drinkers,  I think it would be enjoyed by both ends of the spectrum. I would also happily recommend this flavor to those who love flavored coffees and those who do not, I don’t perceive it as a flavor exactly more of a lovely combination with nothing trying to over power the coffee taste.

The taste lingers nicely with no bitter aftertaste.  There is no acidic feeling that you may get some flavored coffees.

I give this coffee a very stong A and I think I have found my new everyday first cup (and maybe my second and third!).

Oh and did you notice my cute chicken mug?

A cute mug always makes the coffee taste even better!

Have you tried any other cinnamon coffees?  Did you feel like the cinnamon was an enhancement to the coffee flavor rather than a replacement?

4 thoughts on “Donut House Cinnamon Roll Kcup Review

  1. I found you guys through Southern Savers :).

    I’ve had this coffee and liked it. My husband actually got it for me for Christmas. I do agree it is more like a medium roast, I find all the Donut House ones are a little stronger as far as roast goes than some of the other brands, so a light roast from Donut House is almost comparable to a medium. I thought it was a tasty coffee and really liked it with the Cinnabon creamer.

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