Wacky Wednesday Kcup and Pod Sale

Yes today is Wednesday but,  at Cross Country Cafe its WACKY WEDNESDAY!  Time to announce our Kcup and pod sale for this week.  Each week we post one flavor or roast of Kcup  that will be on sale for one week for $9.99 per  box of 24!!!

Dont forget,  we have added our gourmet coffee pods to the sale,  we didn’t want them to feel left out! The selected pod flavor will on sale for one week for $3.75 per box!

And the K-cup winner is…Donut House Collection Chocolate Glazed Donut!

Chocolate Glazed Donut is a combo that’s hard to resist. A fresh chocolate donut, topped with a sweet, sugar glaze, dunked into your mug. All coffee. No crumbs.®

And the Pod sale item this week will be… Donut Shop Classics Apple Fritter!

Think back to simpler times; when quality and craftsmanship mattered. When sourcing and roasting coffee was an art and not just a commodity. Welcome to yesterday with Donut Shop Classics… Better than you remember! When you brew a cup of Apple Fritter gourmet coffee pods the aroma of apples and cinnamon fill the air. Take your first sip you will swear you are sinking your teeth into a fresh baked Apple Fritter. The flavor is true to its name. The coffee is full bodied and rich leaving you satisfied with every cup!

Question… should we add ground and whole bean coffees to the sale?

Order plenty and order quick,  we do sell out!  Visit us today at www.crosscountrycafe.com.

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