Top 15 Most Popular Keurig Kcups

How do you choose the right Kcup and brew it properly?  Each week we will be educating you on best practices for Keurig brewer care and Kcup brewing.

This weeks installment of Keurig 101  is… our  top 15 most popular Kcups.

Huge selection of Keurig Kcups

With over 200 varieties of Keurig Kcups available to you,  how do you choose the right one? For starters tune into our Friday flavor reviews,  this will help you tremendously.  We will review a different flavor or roast every Friday and hopefully,  help you find your favorite Kcup!

Another great way to find the Kcup that is just right for you is to find out what your fellow Kcup drinkers are buying.  We have compiled a list of our top 15 best selling Kcups over the last six months in order (best selling starting at the top).

The third way to find your perfect K-cup is to ask an “experts” advise. I suppose since I have tried all of these (except Southern Pecan- I will put that on my to do list),  I am qualified to offer an opinion.  Most of these are not surprising at all. Breakfast Blend, Hazelnut, The  Donut House Varieties and Wolfgang Puck will all appeal to the masses.  They are all either a light or medium roast and would be a great everyday coffee.  Newmans Own, Dark Magic, Donut Shop and Sumatran are all a darker roast that would only appeal to those who like that darker roasted taste.

Lets get to the list:

-Emerils Big Easy Bold Keurig Kcups
-Green Mountain Breakfast Blend
-Chocolate Glazed Donut
FTO Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold
-Green Mountain Hazelnut
-The Original Donut Shop Extra Bold Keurig Kcups
-Dark Magic Extra Bold
-Breakfast Blend Decaf
-Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend Keurig Kcups
-Regular Variety Pack
Donut House
Southern Pecan
Flavored Variety Pack
Newman’s Special Blend Extra Bold Keurig Kcups
Wolfgang Puck Creme Caramel Keurig Kcups 

I hope that helps at least narrow it down for you a bit!

What is your favorite cup and who do you think it would appeal to?


5 thoughts on “Top 15 Most Popular Keurig Kcups

  1. Hmm… I can’t say I have one single favorite flavor. I’ve tried a lot of those and can see why most of them made the list. My favorites are Gloria Jean’s (pretty much every variety), Donut House Collection, Pumpkin Spice, Caribou, and Coconut Mocha (really good with the almond joy creamer).

    As for cups I didn’t like… I didn’t like the Cafe Escapes milk chocolate hot chocolate, and I didn’t like the Apple Cider cup. I’ve never been a fan of ANY breakfast blend though so I haven’t tried those cups.

  2. My brewer finally died, but when I had it, I LOVED IT!!! My favorite cup w/o fail was Green Mountain Nantucket blend. To me it was perfect. And when I was in the mood for flavored coffee, Gloria Jean’s ButterToffee was second to none!

    Hubby likes the bolder blends, so he’d like the list here better than I do…though I only found one K-Cup ever (and we tried many!) that I was adverse to… His favorite was the stronger Green Mountain, and I forget the name, maybe Midnight something? And Emeril Bold.

    • Yes- Midnight Magic! That one is great! Nantucket is a perfect blend that I think would appeal to the masses. Sorry that your Keurig died… how are you surviving without it?

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