Wacky Wednesday Kcup and Pod Sale

Yes today is Wednesday but,  at Cross Country Cafe its WACKY WEDNESDAY!  Time to announce our Kcup and pod sale for this week. Each week we post one flavor or roast of Kcup  that will be on sale for one day only.

Dont forget,  we have added our gourmet coffee pods to the sale,  we didn’t want them to feel left out!

The K-cup sale this week is- $10.99 for a 24 count box of Fair Trade Wild Mountain Blueberry.


If it were up to me,  I would rename this Buttery Blueberries and Cream Pie Coffee!  It is smooth,  sweet and DELICIOUS! The  combination of the buttery taste with the hint of blueberry makes this coffee smooth and easy to drink.  This is a lighter roast but still maintains a great body.  I am not a light roast fan but,  this one holds up well enough for me to love it!

And the Gourmet Coffee Pod sale item of the week is $3.75 for a 15 count box of Donut Shop Classics Decaf.


Why is it that donut shops have the best tasting coffee?  How can a .99 cup of coffee be so satisfying?  Donut Shop Classics has managed to capture that taste in a single serve pod that you can brew in your own kitchen!  I have to admit,  I have not tried this one,  I don’t drink decaf,  I am far too addicted to my caffeine for that : ) But,  I have had the Donut Shop Classics regular roast and I have to say,  it really does taste like Donut House coffee. Actually,  does anyone out there agree with me that Denny’s has really good coffee?  Well,  this tastes very similar!

Order plenty and order quickly!  We do sell out.  Sorry,  no rain checks : (

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