Is There a Warranty on My Keurig Brewer?

It is very important to clean and maintain your Keurig brewer on a regular basis.  This will prolong the life of your unit and supply you with the best tasting Kcup coffee day after day (or hour after hour if you are anything like me!).  How do you choose the right Kcup and brew it properly?  Are Kcups Kosher? Are Organic Kcups available? Each week we will be educating you on best practices for Keurig brewer care and Kcup brewing.

This weeks installment of Keurig 101  is…Keurig Brewer warranty.

Keurig is notorious for the exceptional one year warranty they offer on all of their Kcup brewing systems.  If anything goes wrong in the first year of ownership, Keurig will either repair or replace your brewer at no charge!! If they do decide a replacement is necessary,  they may (at their discretion) send you a refurbished unit but,  the warranty starts over at that point and you have another whole year of protection!  Get this,  they even cover all shipping charges!  What business does that these days?  We are so proud to be partnered with a company that truly stands behind their product.

Lets go over a few details… the small print in not so small print:

Keurig guarantees that your brewer will be free of defects under normal home usage for one year from the date of purchase.  I want you to pay special attention to the phrase “under normal home usage”.  The brewers that are purchased on our website and in retail stores are designed to be used in a home,  not a commercial setting.  Keurig is pretty strict about this and will not cover defects that arise if you use a brewer approved for home usage, in a workplace environment.  There are brewers specifically designed and UL approved to be used at your place of business.  Simply put,  don’t take your home brewer to work,  if something goes wrong you are out of luck when it comes to warranty coverage. If you need assistance finding a brewer that is suitable for you and your co workers,  just let us know, we would be happy to help!

The warranty only applies to brewers operates in the United States and Canada.  Easy enough, don’t take brewer to Mexico… check.

You may have noticed that there are Kcup brewers now available from Mr.Coffee, Breville and Cuisinart.  These brewers are still backed by Keurig but,  for only 30 days. After 30 days the warranty falls into the hands of those manufacturers.

DO NOT attempt to repair your brewer yourself,  even if you are handy,  if you take it apart and can’t get it back together again or end up with spare pieces : ) your warranty is now void.  You can however,  have an authorized dealer in your area take a look.  We can help you with that as well!

Each brewer has a serial number that will help Keurig track warranty information but,  I would highly recommend saving your proof of purchase or registering your brewer on the Keurig site to guarantee the full use of your warranty.

This is perhaps the most important tip and one I am quite sure you are not aware of.  Keurig is picky about what get brewed in their machines.  Can you blame them?  They have created a superior quality product,  they only want coffees that live up to that same high level to set foot in their units. There are a growing number of renegade Kcup copy cats out there.  They are cheap and that can be tempting but,  they are cheap because they are made with a lot of oils and synthetic products that are guaranteed to destroy your unit and unfortunately,  void your warranty.  Only use products with the Keurig Brewed seal,  it is THE way to know you are getting their (and our) seal of approval.  As new single serve options come on the market we will let you know if any are suitable for use in your Keurig,  as of right now,  there are none.

Now that you know what is covered (and how to avoid any bumps in the road),  what steps do you take if something does go wrong?  This company continues to make it easy for us … all you have to do is make one phone call to their customer service department at 866-901-BREW (2739). You will need to get an Authorization To Return (ATR) number from their representative (don’t bother trying to send in a brewer without this,  it will get sent right back to you).  As always we are here to assist you in this as well,  whether you purchased your brewer from us or not.

Next step,  enjoy your new or repaired brewer!

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