Unforgettable Fall Recipes Using Coffee

I have a whole new arsenal of fall coffee recipes and they were FREE thanks to my Amazon Prime account! This morning I downloaded “Unforgettable Fall Recipes Using Coffee” by Billy Taylor. I can’t wait to get started on putting my Kcup twist on these delicious sounding treats! First on my list is the Coffee and Maple Syrup- what a grand combination!
If you don’t have a Prime account don’t worry, the Kindle version is still under $4.00 (and in case you live under a rock, you don’t have to own an actual Kindle to to get electronic books, just download the App or software on your PC).
I am excited to try the Tarimissou and especially the Sumatran Coffee Brownies using of course a Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve Keurig Kcup!
Ready to try these recipes on your own, here is a link to the Amazon product:

Unforgettable Fall Recipes with Coffee – A Seasonal Collection of Gourmet Recipes for Coffee Cakes, Sweets, Warming Coffee Drinks and Coffee-Based Cocktails.

Let me know what you try and how it turns out!

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