Show us Your Mug!

Have you ever notice that coffee, tea and hot cocoa taste just a little bit better in a great mug?  I for one,  am a fanatic about the mug I drink out of.  My morning coffee is my favorite time of day and I want the experience to be perfect in every way.  If I am not pleased with the mug I have chosen,  it takes a bit of joy away from the moment.

I am guessing if I feel this way,  several of you do as well.  For this reason we are starting a new series of posts at the Cross Country Cafe blog- Show us Your Mug! Each week I will pick a mug picture submitted by a reader, me or simply a cute mug I come across online or in a store.

Let’s get to this weeks mug… submitted by yours truly!

We can love a mug for many reasons,  the look,  the feel,  a memory it represents or in this case because it was a thoughtful gift.

Many years ago,  I was having an issue with pesky squirrels eating ALL of the bird food out of my feeders.  I literally mean all of it,  I was refilling them every single day.  Being new to the hobby I thought I just had VERY hungry birds!  After complaining to my Dad on a regular basis that I was going to go broke feeding my new feathered friends,  he advised me that I most likely have a squirrel bird food thief!

One day I came home from work and found this mug on my kitchen counter,  a surprise gift from my Dad!  Such a simple, small present but loaded with thought and humor (the 9″ measurement on the mugshot cracks me up!).  I loved it and was so  touched.  Every time I use this mug I smile first, because it is so cute and humorous but mostly,  because of the kind gesture and fun story that is behind it.  It feels to me that no one can possibly understand the meaning of this mug except for me and my Dad and I love sharing that with him.

I am not sure where he purchased it but,  I searched online and actually found one!  If you know someone with a pesky squirrel in their life,  this is a perfect gift,  that is coming from someone who knows first hand!  Click here and you will be taken to the website that I discovered it on.

And…of course you should fill it with Keurig Kcup coffees and teas!!

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