Wacky Wednesday Keurig Kcup and Pod Sale

Yes today is Wednesday but,  at Cross Country Cafe its WACKY WEDNESDAY!  Time to announce our Kcup and pod sale for this week. Each week we post one flavor or roast of Kcup  that will be on sale for one day only.

Dont forget,  we have added our gourmet coffee pods to the sale,  we didn’t want them to feel left out!

The K-cup sale this week is- $10.99 for a 24 count box of India Spice Chai Tea!


In many cultures, chai simply means tea. And a pot of chai fills homes with a delicious aroma that says “welcome” like nothing else. Celestial Seasonings Original India Spice Chai Tea is blended from premium teas combined with natural spices and exotic flavors. Now you can brew this irresistible elixir yourself, at the touch of a button, with your Keurig Brewer. Sweeten with sugar or honey, then add milk or your favorite substitute. Enjoy the health benefits of antioxidant-rich tea and spices, and savor the intriguing taste that stands apart from the crowd.

And the gourmet pod sale item will be… Marley Coffee Masala Chai Artisan Tea.


Masala Chai is a rich blend of malty Indian Assam with cinnamon, ginger, fancy green cardamom and natural flavors. The sweet notes of the cinnamon, the floral range of the cardamom, and the spice of the ginger combine with the malt of Assam tea. A classic north Indian beverage.

GOOD NEWS:  You can steep this pod in a mug,  you do not need a pod brewer- yay!!

Order plenty and order soon… we do sell out,  sorry no rain checks.

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