Free Starbucks Coffee Recipe Book

I found the perfect book for my at home Keurig Kcup coffee house recipes!  I cant wait to put my Kcup twist on these Starbucks recipes.  I thought I would share so that you can join in my inspiration : )

 The Unofficial Starbucks Recipe Book: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee & Pastries at Home

Learn to make some of Starbucks most famous recipes from your home, affordably. Buying a coffee or even pastry regularly can be pricy at Starbucks, but when you make Starbucks recipes at home, you reduce the cost insanely as well as learn cooking skills.When I saw that this book was free to Amazon Prime members I knew it was meant to be.  The Kindle edition is $4.99 and the paperback is $9.99-  still no too bad,  if you make just two of these recipes and avoid the coffee shop,  it will have paid for itself!  

I have never particularly thought about Starbucks pastries but,  there is no denying they are absolutely delicious.  I am thrilled to have their secret baking recipes to combine with my delicious coffee drinks!

Does anyone out there have this book?  How did your recipes turn out?

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