Free “Horribly Good Halloween Recipes With Coffee”

Horribly Good Halloween Recipes with Coffee – A Seasonal Collection of Holiday Recipes with Coffee.

I am on a major roll with finding great, FREE (or pretty darn close to free) coffee recipe books!  And of course I am always excited to share them with you.  Just in time for the upcoming holiday I discovered “Horribly Good Halloween Recipes With Coffee”,  how perfect is that?!

This book is free on Amazon for Prime members but,  I purchased it for $2.99 since I have already used my Prime freebie for the month.

A few things you should know,  the recipes are definitely geared toward adults.  There are no cutsy monster cupcakes or brain salad! I was actually pleased, I love serving the adults in our trick or treating entourage a fun (usually spiked) coffee drink : ) and a delicious dessert.  I am planning on using the “Frankenstein’s Nuts and Bots Affogato” and the “Rotten Guts Pumpkin Trifle” recipes this year (with a Keurig Kcup twist of course!). Dont forget if you use Kcup coffee in your recipe always choose an Extra Bold or a Dark Roast Kcup for the best results.

Also,  several of the ingredients required are probably not readily available in your kitchen.  If you are like me and trying to expand your cooking horizons,  this provides a great opportunity to try something new.  I will feel so sophisticated serving a Affogato and a Trifle instead of the standard hot cocoa and a cookie!

Let me know if you try any of the delicious sounding coffee recipes in this book and how they turn out!

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