Wacky Wednesday Coffee Sale

Yes today is Wednesday but,  at Cross Country Cafe its WACKY WEDNESDAY!  Time to announce our Kcup , pod and gourmet ground coffee sale for this week. Each week we post one flavor or roast of each that will be on sale for one day only.

We have had so much fun with the sale we have decided to add yet another category of coffees… scratch that  lets make it TWO more categories of coffees!  Starting this week we will be including a ground 2lb  and a whole bean 2lb coffee in our famous Wacky Wednesday Sale!

Ready for this weeks sale items?

The Keurig K-cup Coffee sale selection this week is…Rio Blend– $8.50 per box of 24!

Diedrich Rio Blend Value Priced Keurig Kcup Coffee
The Gourmet Coffee Pod sale selection this week is…Donut Shop Classics Boston Cream– $3.75 per box of 15.

Donut Shop Classics Boston Cream Gourmet Coffee Pods
The gourmet ground coffee sale selection is…Donut Shop Classics French Vanilla Cruller $7.50 per 8 ounce bag.
Donut Shop Classics French Vanilla Cruller Ground Coffee

And new to the sale, the 2lb gourmet ground sale selection this week is… Marley Coffee Lions Blend– $23.oo per 2lb bag.
Marley Coffee 2lb Whole Bean Lions Blend

Also new to the sale…gourmet whole bean coffee,  this weeks selection is…. Marley Coffee Lions Blend– $23.00 per 2lb bag.
Marley Coffee Gourmet Lions Blend Ground Coffee- 2lb bag
Order now and order plenty, we do sell out.  Sorry no rain checks.

Stock up and save!

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