Show Us Your Mug

Have you ever notice that coffee, tea and hot cocoa taste just a little bit better in a great mug?  I for one,  am a fanatic about the mug I drink out of. My morning coffee is my favorite time of day and I want the experience to be perfect in every way.  If I am not pleased with the mug I have chosen,  it takes a bit of joy away from the moment. For this reason we are starting a new series of posts at the Cross Country Cafe blog – Show us Your Mug! Each week I will pick a mug picture submitted by a reader, me or simply a cute mug I come across online or in a store.

This weeks mug is submitted by… Santa.

Santa let me in on a little inside information,  he will be bringing this mug to my sister this year!

Turquoise Keep Calm and Carry Yarn Mug Mug by CafePress

It is quite a coincidence that he has chosen such a perfect gift for her…she and I have just taken up crocheting… how did he know?! We attended a workshop a few weeks ago and now visions of hats, gloves, blankets and scarves are dancing through my head!  I tend to go a bit crazy/ all in when I explore a new interest as you can see by my new amass of yarns:

yarn supply

I actually finished a hat in one day and have now moved on to my next project- new granny square Christmas stockings for the entire family. I am off to a slow start, 10 granny squares down:

granny squares

I need 20 squares per stocking,  there are 6 of us in my family as well as 2 dogs…how many more do I need?  I don’t even want to do the math.

Of course I have every intention of combining by new hobby with my one true love- coffee.  My french press so needs a handmade cozy:

french press coozy

As do my mugs:

mug coozy

And I wouldn’t want my travel mugs to feel left out:

travel mug coozy

But first and foremost, this crochet Kcup coffee basket needs to be on my counter very soon (as soon as I finish 210 granny squares for our new stockings):

Crochet Kcup coffee basket

Did you notice how they all match so perfectly?  All of my coffee equipment needs to coordinate of course!

Do we have any crocheters out there?  I would love to see more coffee and or Kcup ideas!

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