5 Ways to Re-Use a Keurig Kcup Box

Upcycle your Keurig Kcups

As you know from my previous post I have been on a mission to re-use my coffee grinds,  I am happy to report, that was a very successful mission. I have since moved on to include re-using the Kcup itself.  I hope that you have enjoyed my last two posts that included almost 30 ways to reuse your Keurig Kcups!

Now it is time to put on my re-purposing thinking cap again and come up with uses for the box the Kcups come in (with a little help from Pinterest!).

1-A rabbit feeder (I dont have a rabbit but,  this one made me smile!).

Reuse a Keurig Kcup box for a rabbit feeder

Thank you Innerrealm Designs

2-A valentines box (I have done this several times myself and it works great!)

Reuse a Keurig Kcup box

Thank you I Should be Mopping the Floors!

3-Get organized

Coordinated organizers made out of Keurig Kcup boxes

Thank you Girl Going Country!

4-A hamster hut.

Hamster hut made from a Keurig Kcup box.

5-A shadowbox (I have also done this myself and my daughter loved it!)

Shadow box made from a Keurig Kcup box

I was hoping to come up with 10 ideas and that did not quite happen.  Can you help me come up with 5 more so I dont feel like I failed : )

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Re-Use a Keurig Kcup Box

  1. I use the little boxes to store tights in my closet… keeps them organized, and, hopefully, run-free. (Any suggestions on how best to cover them so they look prettier?)

    Also, I use the big mail-order boxes to store plastic grocery bags. The wide slit makes a perfect dispenser!

    • Oh my gosh that is a great idea! I never know how to keep my daughters tights neatly stored, now I do! Covering the boxes is simply not easy. I start by wrapping a large piece of paper around the top and taping it to the bottom. Then you just kinda have to cut, tuck and tape until you get everything covered, very scientific, huh : )

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