Valentines Day Coffee Recipe-Keurig Kcup Chocolate Truffles

If you have been around awhile you have come to know (and hopefully love) our Monday K-cup coffee recipes.  I love fun, easy to make coffee drinks. They are a simple indulgence that can usually be made with ingredients already in your kitchen.  There will be no running to the local coffee shop around here, no sir, we have Keurig’s in our kitchen that make these recipes easy peasy.

Up this week…Keurig Kcup Chocolate Truffles!

keurig kcups chocolate truffles

Valentines Day is upon us!  What better way to tell your sweetheart that you love them than with homemade chocolate truffles!  Better yet, homemade Keurig Kcup chocolate coffee truffles!

This is a recipe that I adapted from and fell in love with.  I have made several versions including peanut butter and sea salt (so good!).

You will need:

3/4 C heavy whipping cream

8 oz semi sweet chocolate- buy the good kind it is so worth it!

2 Sumatran Reserve Keurig Kcups (or any Kcup that suits your taste preferences)

2 T butter

2 T Kahlua

1.5 cups finely chopped nuts, or 1/2 cup  cocoa powder or powdered sugar

-Bring the heavy whipping cream to a simmer in a double boiler.

-Add the chocolate pieces a few at a time while whisking the mixture until it is thick and free of lumps.

-Add the coffee from the Sumatran Kcups (the actual coffee grounds, remove the foil lid and dump the coffee into the chocolate/ cream mixture).

-Add the butter and whisk until melted.

-Add the Kahlua VERY slowly while stirring gently.

-Remove from heat and pour into a baking dish.

-Chill in fridge overnight or until the chocolate has hardened.

-Spread the topping off your choice over a large surface.

-Form chocolate into bite sized balls, roll in the topping of your choice and place on wax paper.

-Refrigerate until firm.

The Sumatran Kcup coffee is  an excellent pairing with chocolate.  The two seem to combine for an explosion of unbelievable flavors! I would also recommend using Emeril’s Big Easy Bold or Kenyan AA. You will want to choose a Kcup coffee with a strong flavor.  The dark roast Kcups tend to foot this bill well and produce a taste that pairs perfectly with chocolate.

If you want to really spice things up try a little cayenne pepper in the mixture!

These results of this recipe are impressive looking and delicious tasting! Those that you share them with will think you slaved away in the kitchen all day or perhaps you will be keeping them all to yourself!

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