Espresso Giveaway!

We have enjoyed the Moka Pot method of brewing Marley Lively Up Espresso so much that we are GIVING AWAY everything you need to make espresso in your own home!

how to make espresso

You can win the whole kit and kaboodle:

1- 8ounce bag of Marley Lively Up whole bean espresso

1-Coffee grinder

1-Moka Pot

1-set of beautiful Demitasse cups

This simple system will be a great addition to your home brewing collection.  In honor of that simplicity we have made entering to win SO EASY!

All that you have to do is:

1-Like us on Facebook

2-Share our status update referencing this giveaway on your own timeline.

All of the shares will be entered into a random drawing that will take place on Friday March 22 at 9am!

Good luck!!!

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