Keurig Kcup Coffee Recipe- Triple Chocolate Iced Coffee

If you have been around awhile you have come to know (and hopefully love) our Monday K-cup coffee recipes.  I love fun, easy to make coffee drinks. They are a simple indulgence that can usually be made with ingredients already in your kitchen. There will be no running to the local coffee shop around here, no sir, we have Keurig’s in our kitchen that make these recipes easy peasy.

Up this week…Triple Chocolate Iced Coffee.

Triple Chocolate Iced Coffee 2

I have no particular rhyme or reason for making todays recipe.  All I knew is I wanted something iced and loaded with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

I realized once I completed my concoction, I had something similar to a Mcdonalds Frappe. I have personally never had a Frappe from Mcdonalds and with good reason- a medium (16oz) has 630 calories and costs $2.79!!  Not to mention we really have no idea what it is actually made out of, I am quite sure it was created in a science lab rather than a kitchen.  No thank you, I will make it myself.

First, gather your ingredients, you will need:

2T chocolate syrup

2T chocolate chips

2T cocoa powder

1T vanilla extract

1/4 C skim milk

2 cups ice

1 extra bold Keurig Kcup coffee

(makes 3 large servings)

Triple Chocolate Iced Coffee ingredients

Start by brewing the Kcup coffee on the lowest water setting of your Keurig (I brewed mine right into the measuring cup of milk- why dirty another dish?). Pour all of the ingredients into a blender.

Triple Chocolate Iced Coffee in blender

Blend on the smoothie setting until the ice reaches your desired consistency.  I like mine very small so that they are barely noticeable in the drink.

Pour into 3 tall, ice filled glasses.  Top with whipped cream and cinnamon if desired, sip and enjoy!

But, is my Keurig Kcup Triple Chocolate Iced coffee any better than a Mcdonalds Frappe?  I was pretty sure the answer would be yes but, decided to do some calculations to prove it.  Be forewarned me + math does not add up so if I have made any errors please feel free to correct me.

First I analyzed the cost:

1 Keurig Kcup coffee purchased from our Wacky Wednesday sale= .49

2 T chocolate syrup = .08

2 T cocoa powder = .34

2 T chocolate chips = .16

1 T vanilla = .64

1/4 cup milk = .03

TOTAL= 1.74 / 3 = .58 per serving!!

Wow, my recipe will save you $2.21 per serving!!  I know it is always more cost-effective to make your own anything at home but, I had no idea that it would be such a big difference.  However, none of that means anything if the calories prohibit us from enjoying it…


Keurig Kcup coffee = zero

2 T chocolate syrup = 100

2 T cocoa powder = 20

2 T chocolate chips = 160

1 T vanilla = 12

1/4 C skim milk = 23

TOTAL= 337 / 3 = 113 calories per serving!

A whopping 517 calories less that a Mcdonalds Frappe!!

When you consider the average sweet treat is well above 113 calories, this is a dessert beverage that will give you tons of bang for your calorie buck!  I found it to be quite filling and definitely satisfies those chocolate cravings : )

Save time, money and calories while enjoying a heavenly chocolate treat, what more could a girl ask for?!

Where to buy:

Extra Bold Keurig Kcup coffee

Oster BCCG08-RM1-000 8-Speed 6-Cup Blender, Red

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