How to Feed Your Family Using a Keurig Brewer

Cooking with a Keurig brewer

I recently enjoyed a spring break trip to Washington D.C. with my daughter.  If you have ever traveled to D.C. you know that it is not the cheapest place in the world to stay.  Hotels rates are through the roof, parking is a hot commodity and food is a total budget buster.

I was not going to let that stop me, I was going to make this trip happen by cutting as many costs as I could. I was determined to enjoy a memorable mother/ daughter trip without breaking the bank.  I made a few mistakes along the way- namely staying outside of town in a budget hotel…bad idea, we moved downtown on day 2.

But, I scored a huge victory when it comes to food, all thanks to the Keurig brewer that was in my hotel room! You may be thinking Keurig brewer…food…does not compute.  Well, think again.

I was able to make several meals using nothing other than the Keurig brewer! If you think outside of the box and take away the Kcup coffee a Keurig is basically an instant hot water dispenser.

I stuck with mainly instant oatmeal and ramens but, my success got me thinking, what else can I cook using a Keurig brewer? Here is what I came up with:

Cream of Wheat


Any canned soup

Mac and Cheese

Soft boiled eggs


Instant mashed potatoes


Dried fruits/ veggies

Hot dogs

Jello (if you have a fridge, we unfortunately did not)

Yes, I do realize that these are certainly not healthy foods that I would recommend eating on a regular basis.  But, if eating ramen and oatmeal is all it takes to spend priceless time with my daughter, I am willing to do it.  We supplemented with healthy snacks such as nuts, popcorn balls, fresh fruits, carrot sticks and celery.

We did splurge on room service once or twice but, for the most part we stuck to our Keurig made foods enabling us to enjoy Washington D.C. on a very tight budget!

Have you ever “cooked” using just your Keurig brewer or even an old school Mr. Coffee?

6 thoughts on “How to Feed Your Family Using a Keurig Brewer

  1. VERY interesting! I’ll have to remember this when I vacation! At home, though, I would probably stick to using a microwave as usual.

    • I agree, the microwave simply makes more sense. In my hotel in Washington though we had no microwave or fridge. Thank goodness the Keurig came to the rescue!

    • Ah good question, I am not sure if ypu are referring to the ramen or canned soup so I will explain both. The canned soup is so simple- just add the hot water, stir and it is ready to eat! Now keep in mind this only works with Campbells type condensed soups that require a can of water be added to them. As for ramens, add the water then cover them with something (I ised a book!) and let them steam for 3-5 minutes, viola all done! Make sense?

  2. Hello!! Interesting stuff there to use the Keurig for other than just coffee or tea!! Who knew?! 🙂 I’ve just recently started following you guys on Pinterest as well, and from one fellow coffee lover to another, I can’t wait to dig in!! (With a fresh cup, of course!! 🙂 )

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