a nationally authorized Keuirg K-Cup distributorWe are so excited that you have joined our coffee community.  We are a coffee company specializing in single serve Keurig K-Cups and gourmet coffee pods. We have been enjoying operating in the North on the Great Lake for over 100 years!

I have been using Facebook as my outlet for thoughts and ideas and just to have fun with other coffee enthusiasts,  my posts were getting longer and longer and it was difficult to create conversations so….  here we are!

Just a little about our philosophy,  we like to have fun,  we will have contests and giveaways as well as provide you with your fill of coffee facts, information and recipes!

I started my coffee career in a small bar like coffee shop and loved it.  I knew everyone’s usual, I enjoyed talking to new people,  regulars would pull up a bar stool and tell me their life story! Everyone knew me,  I was the coffee girl!   That was my all time favorite job and I hope to duplicate it in cyberspace!

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